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Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions | £70

Weekly OR Fortnightly

Sessions last 50-60 minutes. Sessions include

  • Fun activities and games to achieve speech and language goals

  • Demonstration of activities that you will be able to practise with your child between appointments

  • Feedback and discussion of progress at every session

  • Resources for home to suit your child's specific aims

  • Written therapy aims detailing what your child is able to do and what we are aiming for

  • Monthly Review Sessions are £80

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Fluency Clinics | £70

From prevention in very young children to working with established stammers in children of all ages. This is my area of special interest.

Following diagnostic assessment I will suggest an evidence-based programme of treatment to work on improving fluency skills, developing confidence in speaking and minimising the impact of stammering on daily life.

I have been trained in both direct and indirect approaches which are research and evidence based and prove highly effective in reducing or completely eliminating the stuttering / stammering behaviour in Preschool and School-aged children.

Further information on these approaches can be found by clicking on the following links :-

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Makaton Sign Language 

Family Training | 

Sign Language is now widely used with babies 

and children who have communication difficulties including those with Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome, Autism and Late Talkers.

For those families just starting out with or considering introducing sign language - I offer a 6 week family based course covering all of the important daily signs you and your child will need. 


The aim of this 6 week programme is to have FUN while learning! Sign Language will be taught through stories, songs, rhymes and lots of play!




ZOOM Therapy | £70 per hour

Skype Therapy uses your PC, laptop or tablet to conduct a speech therapy session in the comfort of your own home via the internet! The set-up for this is really easy and Skype Therapy has proven to be just as effective as the traditional face to face sessions.

Skype Therapy is suited for school-aged children who are working on developing their​

  • Speech Sounds

  • Comprehension and Expressive Langauge skills

  • Stuttering / Fluency skills



Based Visits

Home Based Visits | £90

I primarily run a clinic from my home in Lisburn but can also offer home visits if your child would feel more at ease in familiar surroundings.

I can offer home based visits within a 20 mile radius of BT27.




School Visits | £120

I can visit Playgroups, Nurseries or Schools to give advice and set up Education based programmes, enabling your child to transfer their newly developed speech and language skills into all areas of their life.

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